Grace Hubley, photographer

The information and quotes on this page are from the “Who is Grace Hubley?” page on the Grace Hubley Foundation web site:

Grace Hubley was a photographer who was raised in Colfax, California, and  “was a fine arts photographer in San Francisco in the early 1900’s.” After losing “all her work during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire,” Hubley “enrolled in San Francisco’s Artist School of Photography in 1907.”

“At the age of 39 she married Frank R. Jones in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco. She moved to Sacramento where Frank, a railroad man, was working and opened a portrait studio there. Evidently a popular and well-thought-of-portraitist, Hubley attracted as customers some of the then prominent Sacramento families such as the Breuners and the McClatchys.

“In 1918 Grace inherited the Hubley House and she and Frank moved into it. Frank became the Colfax railroad station master and Grace continued on with her photography work.

“Her collection of 8,500 glass negatives was stored in the Hubley House until they were brought to the wider attention of the community by Gertrude Paul in 1989.”

The Grace Hubley Foundation

The Grace Hubley Foundation preserves the legacy of Grace Hubley and supports “the arts and cultural heritage of the area.” You can read about the foundation’s support of local arts here.

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